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Sini & Ujjwala Classes is one of the top coaching institutes in Kerala, which offers a wide range of programmes for both National and State Level Entrance Examinations. This Institute is the fruit of the foresightedness of two passionate and dedicated minds, Sini Swaminathan & Ujjwala Babu, who opted for a career in teaching and started the profession under the then king-makers of the industry. It is with over 20 fruitful years of experience there, which moulded them into subject experts and established tutors , that they decided to bring together all their expertise under one roof, under the name ‘Sini & Ujjwala Classes’. Serene learning with personal care is ensured here.


Our Vision

To be a nationally acclaimed institution recognised for the outstanding successes in the field of medical and engineering entrance coaching, there by empowering the nation with commendable work force adept at meeting the challenges of the 21st century.


Our Mission

  • To create a new genre of learners trained to the highest levels of competence through excellence in teaching.
  • To Provide a serene learning atmosphere through success driven approaches.
  • To Improve and sustain high standards of teaching and training for the NEET/ IIT JEE aspirants.
  • To inculcate in our students morality, commitment to law, mutual respect and appreciation of human creativity.

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